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Playing Poker Live is the ultimate resource for live, brick and mortar casino poker players. We cover poker rooms and destinations around the world and feature articles that focus on the live poker experience.

The authors at PPL are experience in playing poker, with thousands of hours played at casinos from coast to coast. As a result, you can be assured that all of our reviews are first hand accounts of what our authors experienced themselves. We always aim to keep these reviews up to date as poker rooms renovate, improve, and revamp the offerings that they have for their players. Poker rooms are constantly changing and evolving with the poker world as a whole, and we keep on top of these changes.

Playing Poker Live is a resource devoted to live play, but we know that live players tend to play poker online, or at bitcoin casinos, as well. Because of this, we also feature complete reviews of the most popular online poker sites. Poker on the internet is not available to everyone in the same way, but you likely have one option or another available to you, depending on where you live. We take a look at game play software, bonuses, player traffic volume, games available, and much more when we analyze online poker sites.

Our Reviews

Our poker room reviews are among the most comprehensive anywhere. All of our reviews are written by players who have actually visited the rooms they are writing about, often times visiting the room on multiple occasions. We break down a number of elements that factor into the quality of any given room. These facts include the staff on hand, the games and limits available, lodging and dining, and more. We know that there is more to a complete poker room review that a few sentences worth of opinions, so we break down the facts, and let you decide for yourself whether a room is (or isn’t) worth visiting. If you have any additional comments on our reviews, be sure to let us know as up to date facts are important to our review’s credibility.

News is always a hot topic in poker, especially in live poker. Whether it is tournaments, prop bets, or scandals, there is always something interesting happening in poker. Keep up to date with the latest big events in poker with our news section where we highlight all of the latest and most intriguing news stories.