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Live poker and online poker for real money are not the same thing, and the strategies involved in each are very different. Learn about everything from etiquette to strategy and room reviews at

New and experienced live players alike will be able to learn a lot from our intensive strategy written by winning, professional live poker players. Learn not only how to play the game, but also how to beat it, from the low limits to high stakes poker.

Live Poker Resource

Live poker can be an intimidating experience for new players, and even players with a lot of hands under their belt will have questions from time to time, whether it be from logging in hours at live rooms or real money poker sites online. The live poker resource at teaches players everything from the basics of live poker etiquette to advanced live poker insight.

There are a number different categories contained within the informational resource. The first section of articles focuses on chips and chip stacks at the poker table. This is where to look if you have any questions or need any information on chips or their usage in a brick and mortar room.

Additional sections of the resource area are focused on a variety of different topics, including, but not limited to: cards and showdown, how to make bets and raises, always following the rules of the game, and finally, cheating and etiquette. There is not a single crevice of the live poker dynamic that is not extensively covered in this most expansive resource available to players on the internet today.

Everything from waiting lists to acting out of turn and tipping is covered in this in-depth section. An informed live poker player is able to capitalize on a variety of benefits that other players simply miss out on when they play poker online. From free food to free rooms, read about the benefits of live poker.

If you want to play real money poker, but do not have access to a local brick and mortar room, there are some other options available to you. Players can either join through online poker, start a local home game, or even take a short vacation to your nearest gaming destination, equipped with the best casino resource, guide, and reviews possible. There is always a chance to play poker, one way or another.

Poker Room Index

Our poker room index is the best on the internet. Find a complete list of poker rooms from around the world, in order by state and country. Many of the poker rooms have lengthy reviews and breakdowns for you to check out before you visit. Every dynamic of the live experience is broken down in each of the reviews.

Finding a poker room can be as simple as searching by your state, or it can mean that you are able to choose from one of many in your area. There are many factors that come into play when deciding which casinos have the best poker rooms, and we hope that our comprehensive outlines will make your decision as easy as possible.

Included in each review is an overview, a summary of the quality of the poker room employees, a description of the atmosphere and tables, games and limits offered, player rewards, promotions, food selections, accommodations and more. For online play, we recommend checking out other poker site reviews, much like this PokerStars review.

Each review is written by a player with a lot of experience playing in the respective poker room. The truth exudes from every review, as some are more positive than others. If a room has some issues or negative attributes, we will tell you about it. Likewise, we will let you know which rooms are doing things right.

Casinos may have poker rooms, but table games and slot machines are very different than poker. Unlike poker, it is impossible to create a long term edge over the house in these games. If you would like to give online slot machines a run, there are plenty of websites to check out online. Remember, though, that poker is the only true game of skill in any casino.