Delaware Park Poker Room

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Review of Delaware Park Poker Room

Delaware Park is a slightly dated poker room that is located in Wilmington, Delaware. Residents of Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware alike find it to be the best choice around. The room is not exactly massive in scale, but they provide an ample selection of games for casual and advanced players alike. Don’t expect to find high stakes action in this room, but don’t be hesitant to give it a shot.

Floor Guys, Managers, and Dealers

Floor guys at Delaware Park are a bit of a mixed bag. A few of the regular floor guys tend to know what they are doing more often than not, but some of the others clearly shouldn’t be in the position that they are. One of the floor ladies, a blonde lady, was exceptionally rude to a player at the table without warrant. Her mockery of this player was certainly not appreciated by the player, who seemed to be in shock after her remarks. The rest of the table found it comical, and another floor guy did come over to apologize for her actions. Regardless, this is obviously not acceptable behavior from a floor person.

Most of the dealers are OK, few are very good, and a few are terrible. It is not uncommon to see a few premature turn cards or misdeals per down if you happen to get the right dealer. Most of the dealers do a satisfactory job, though, and there won’t be anything to complain about. The two glaring issues that resounded from dealer to dealer were slowness and a lack of focus. Hopefully this is improved as the room begins to age.

Popular Games and Limits

Delaware Park runs $2/$4 limit games and peaks at their $5/$10 no limit Hold’em offerings. Most of the time, however, a $5/$10 game will not be running. If you are a limit player, you will probably want to head for the hills. The $2/$4 game is such that the rake makes it tough to beat, regardless of competition level. With that said, the no limit games offer a very fair rate of $4 max rake, plus $1 for the bad beat jackpot.

Small stakes is the best way to describe Delaware Park. Though they have 10 tables of $1/$2 NLHE running if you show up at the right time, finding a $2/$5 game can be a challenge. They are usually running, but no more than two or so at a time. This makes table selection impossible. Aside from this, the floor always insists on the games being must move. This is usually fine, but sometimes it is better to balance out the only two games running at those limits. For $5/$10 action, call ahead and start an interest list, but don’t get your hopes up for a game to actually start.

Tournaments and Sit n Gos

Delaware Park offers a wide selection of tournaments and sit n gos. The daily tournaments run at 11 am and 11 pm, with $65 and $85 buy-ins respectively. The flaw with the daily tournaments is the excessive rake. With that said, it has to be done, as the poker room still needs to make some money.

Saturday and Sunday feature $65 tournaments at noon vs. the standard 11:00 start time. On Friday and Saturday, get in on the biggest events, sitting at $150 and starting at 7:00. Aside from these tourneys, Delaware Park also has 7:00, $65 tournaments from Sunday-Thursday. Delaware Park has one of the best tournament selections among DE and PA casinos.

Player Rewards

The rewards program at Delaware Park is terrible. At just 40 cents per hour, an entire day of play would net nothing more than a hot dog off one of the menus in the casino. This is one of the areas that definitely needs some attention in the room. For all of the promotions that Delaware Park runs on a regular basis, the long standing comps program remains one of the worst, and maybe the absolute worst, on the entire east coast.

Bad Beat Jackpot and Other Promotions

The Bad Beat Jackpot at Delaware Park is one of the more popular attractions to the cash games. The BBJ does not usually hit or eclipse 100k, and tends to hover mostly in place due to all of the money that is taken out of it for promotional purposes. Delaware Park offers two different types of Bad Beat Jackpots in the poker room. The mega BBJ requires that players lose with quad fours or better, while the mini BBJ crowns a winner whenever Aces Full of Kings are beaten. The mini BBJ is roughly 1/7th of the size of the mega BBJ. If the megas BBJ hits, everyone in the room gets a cut, though the players in the hand itself get the largest share.

Delaware Park is well known for the innumerable and ever changing promotions that they run. Though they change from time to time, some of the more popular promotions at Delaware Park are “Cracked Aces” and “High Hand from 2am-5am and 5am-8m.” The cracked aces promo paid any player $100 if they lost with pocket aces. This promo is not always active, though, so be sure to ask the floor if it is going on while you are playing. The high hand in the poker room from 2am-5am and 5am-8am will each earn $250; this promotion is ongoing.

Atmosphere and Features

The atmosphere at Delaware Park is, in one word, dated. When you first step into the casino, it feels as if you just wandered into a 1980s log cabin. Some people like this feeling, others don’t, and still others don’t care one way or the other. It certainly feels like you are more inside of a home than inside of a casino.

The poker room itself has a lot of obvious issues. The tournament room is separate from the cash game room. The tournament tables are much better than the cash game tables. Management took suggestions for the tourney tables after the cash game tables had been in use for awhile. Unfortunately, there are some very obvious flaws with the cash room tables.

There is a plastic border around the felt, meant for drinks, that makes it difficult to look at your cards. Aside from this, the ends of the tables have big panels that make it impossible to put your legs underneath. In addition, the felt is so rough that cards can not be slid across it. Players need to manually place their cards into the muck if they want them to ever move. Lastly, the tables are often quite cramped and could do with changing to 9 handed arrangements. Needless to say, there is a lot of room for improvement in the poker room.

Drinks are not free at Delaware Park, except for soda and water. Alcohol is served every day until 1 am and is charged upon delivery. Don’t expect the no free alcohol policy to change any time soon thanks to the state laws of Delaware. This isn’t something that can be fairly pinned on the poker room, though.


Delaware Park has two different primary choices when it comes to food. Though eating is allowed at the tables, the waitresses do not deliver anything other than drinks and soups. If you would like to eat while you play, carts are available, but you will need to place an order on your own. There is a deli type restaurant located adjacent to the poker room itself, and another restaurant is available downstairs. The food is somewhat expensive, but is relative to the quality. Most players have been more than happy with their orders.


Delaware Park does not offer a hotel. There are, however, plenty of places to choose from in Wilmington. If you plan on making a trip to the Delaware area and want to play a lot of poker, just check out one of the many different chain hotels located in downtown Wilmington. There is definitely no shortage of options when it comes to hotels in Wilmington.

Delaware Park Facts


777 Delaware Park Boulevard
Wilmington, DE


Games Spread:

No Limit Texas Hold’em
-$1/$2, $2/$5. $5/10
Limit Teas Hold’em
-$2/$4, $4/$8
Omaha Hi
Mixed Games
-Varying Limits

Number of Tables:


Year Opened:



$4 Max + $1 BBJ

Bad Beat Jackpot:


Other Promotions:

High Hand and Monthly Promotions




Yes, but charged

Minimum Age:


Seats Per Table:


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