Atlantic City Poker Rooms

Atlantic City is the poker room mecca of the East Coast. In the past decade, many poker rooms have been added in Delaware, Florida and Pennsylvania, but there is no greater selection than what you will find in AC. The biggest and most renowned poker room in AC used to be the Taj Mahal. This is the same casino that was referenced and used for filming in the famous poker movie “Rounders.” 

Legends of the game like Phil Ivey grew up playing at the Taj and other casinos in the area. It truly is the place to be when it comes to poker on the East Coast.

There are many rooms that are active in Atlantic City. There is more than five different rooms that have plenty of action at all hours of the day. The most popular and trafficked room is definitely Borgata. They have around 80 tables, it is very modern and new, and they host some of the most popular tournament series in the country. Many have argued that Borgata is home to the single best poker room in the entire country, and as a result, the world. You could compare this room to any casino in Las Vegas and you will have a tough time matching the overall quality.

Poker Rooms in Atlantic City

Bally’s Atlantic City Poker Room
Borgata Poker Room
Harrah’s Atlantic City Poker Room
Tropicana Poker Room

Atlantic City is known for its location near the water. Because of this, it is a heavily visited tourist area in the summer months. This does not mean that the city is vacant in the winter, however. The poker action holds steady all throughout the year, but weekends are definitely when you are going to find the most games running. In the summer, rooms at the casino’s hotels are going to be quite expensive, but they are very affordable in the off season. If you play enough poker, though, you will likely be entitled to either free rooms or discounts according to the casino’s poker room rate.

The location of AC is also exceptional because of its proximity to many major cities. Philadelphia is just an hour away, New York city is a few hours away, and several other highly populated areas are all within an hour or two train or bus ride. The location of the city creates a ton of action, especially on the weekends. The reason for this is because further up the coast, especially in NYC, there are not too many options when it comes to legal poker rooms. There are certainly a lot of underground games, but most players prefer to play in a safe and regulated environment like Atlantic City provides.

If you are traveling to Atlantic City, your best bet will either be by train or bus (unless you are able to make the drive). For those players who are flying in, there is an airport in AC, but it only runs a select amount of flights in and out. The easiest place to fly into would be Philadelphia International Airport. From here, you will only be an hour bus or train ride away. The Amtrak runs from Philadelphia’s train station right into AC for just $10. If you would prefer to take the bus, this won’t cost much more. The train is provided by the NJ Transit system and even offers a free shuttle to all of the casinos/hotels upon arrival.

Travel within and around Atlantic City is going to call for taxi rides. Harrah’s and Borgata are located off of the boardwalk and would be very long walks to the rest of the casinos. If you are staying on the boardwalk and do not plan on visiting Harrah’s or Borgata, you will be able to walk along the street or boardwalk to wherever you would like to go, pending the weather.

Dining in Atlantic City is going to be found primarily within the casinos. There are a lot of high end restaurants, low end stores, and everything in between. There are also a number of buffets to choose from throughout the city. Comps earned in the poker rooms are a good way to either pay for or receive a discount on your meals.

Hotels are one of the last things that you will need to worry about when you are in AC. There are twice as many casinos and hotels to choose from as there are actual poker rooms. The prices are going to vary depending upon where you stay, but most are in the same general range with Borgata usually being the most expensive. For poker players, staying at Borgata or Harrah’s will be the most convenient as they are located near each other and play host to the most busy poker rooms in the city.