Borgata Poker Room

Borgata Poker Room is arguably the best poker room on the East Coast, and possibly even in all of the United States and the world. They have everything that a poker player could possibly be after. From a massive number of tables, a comprehensive selection of games, constant promos, a premier setting and location, there really isn’t anything that Borgata does not have. If you were on the fence about whether or not to play at this room, just do it. You won’t regret it.

Borgata is now the premier room in Atlantic City, the East Coast equivalent of Las Vegas. The Taj Mahal used to be the top poker room in the city, but this is definitely not the case anymore.

Playing host to four different seasonal tournament series (Borgata Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Opens) and non-stop cash game tables, the room is as complete as possible. It’s not just the availability of games and events that makes this room special, though.

Floor Guys, Managers, and Dealers

The floor guys and managers at Borgata’s poker room are fantastic. It is clear that near all of them know what they are doing and have a good feel for both the game and how a professional poker room should be run. Sure, there will be the occasional employee who is not the very best, but they are far and few between at this room. You will have a seat quickly, a question answered in a timely manner, and your player card will always be swiped right away. The floor guys know that it is important to take care of the players and they always make sure that this is a priority. 

The dealers at Borgata, like the floor guys and managers, are well-versed in their trade. They know how to straddle the line of professionalism and enjoyable experiences. Most dealers will communicate and talk with you should you initiate the conversation, but they won’t intervene where they are not wanted. Dealers at this poker room have to really know what they are doing.

Like most every other casino, Borgata has had to cut poker dealers from their staff at different points in time, so it is safe to say that only the best have managed to stand the test of time. Experience level of the dealers here is very high and you will always get a lot of hands in per hour. Should you run into a weaker dealer, be assured that this is far from the norm.

Popular Games and Limits

The limits and games offered at Borgata are extremely expansive. It would be impossible to list all of the games that are spread as they change so frequently. The games and limits that ate virtually always running include $1/$2 NLHE through $5/$10 NLHE and limit games up to $10/$20. PLO is also run fairly normally, if only a $1/$2 table.

On the weekends, in the summer, and during popular tournament series, expect to find a number of high stakes NLHE cash games over $5/$10 games, up to $10/$25 and even $25/$50 and the occasional game that is even bigger than this. Mixed games are also run from time to time at Borgata, but as to be expected, they are not as common as the more mainstream games.

Because of the size of the room, 80 tables, wait lists are not usually too long at Borgata. If you are playing a small or mid stakes NLHE game, expect to be seated within 20 minutes or so. It would be very uncommon to find an extensive wait for just about any of the most popular games at this room. There is no shortage of players or dealers to worry about at any time.

Tournaments and Sit n Gos

Borgata has both tournaments and sit and gos offered on a regular schedule. Though the actual schedule is subject to change, the normal events start at 11 AM and 7 PM and have buy-ins of $100. On Friday and Saturday, a few additional events are added, one at 11 PM, one replacing the 7 PM with a 6 PM. The buy ins for the weekend scheduled tournaments are $80 through $300.

The real tournament attraction at Borgata is the events that are run quarterly. These are known as the Borgata Opens, running in the spring, summer, fall, and winter each and every year. The main event for these series typically starts a few days prior to the conclusion of the last scheduled event. Players will find daily tournaments with many different types of games and buy-in levels. Many events also have guarantees, offering an even bigger bang for your buck should you happen to make a deep run.

Player Rewards

Player rewards, like most everything else about the room, are bar-none. At Borgata, players currently receive $2 per hour in comps, a rate that is as good as you will find in any poker room on the East Coast and even in the country. Aside from the comps themselves, which can be used for food, hotel rooms, and anything in the shops, the poker room will also afford players the opportunity to have rooms comped in addition to various free items.

If you book a number of hours on each trip, expect to find free or discounted room offers in your Borgata Rewards account. Create a Borgata Rewards account and get your players card at the desk near the entrance of the poker room, it will take just a couple of minutes and can be used immediately.

The one different thing about Borgata’s poker rewards system is that they do not swipe your card at the table itself. Instead, a floor guy will take your card when you are seated and swipe you in on their machines. Make sure that you are swiped out when you leave so as to ensure that you are credited with the comps that you have earned.

Bad Beat Jackpot and Other Promotions

The Bad Beat Jackpot at Borgata has two different levels. There is a major and a minor BBJ, with the major of course paying out significantly more than the minor. The requirement for the major BBJ is quad 8′s or better losing while the minor BBJ needs any quads losing that are 7′s or lower. The Bad Beat Jackpot at Borgata regularly eclipses $100,000 and even $200,000.

There are many promotions that are run throughout the year at the Borgata Poker Room. Some of the most frequent promos include promos for either weekly or monthly amounts of rated play. All promotions are constantly changing though, so be sure to check what is going on when you make a visit to the room.

Atmosphere and Features

The atmosphere at the Borgata poker room is very upscale, much like the hotel and casino itself. The tables and chairs are comfortable and new. The room is very clean and is well-kept. Because the room is so large, you will never be bumping your chair into the player behind you. There is more than enough property for the poker room, even when you consider the fact that it is 80 tables in size, which is much bigger than almost any other room.

Like all poker rooms, Borgata is smoke free. Many players go to the bathrooms to smoke, but this is strictly prohibited and certainly not suggested. The drinks at Borgata are free and will be brought out to you in a very timely manner. You will not be sitting around for very long. There is no eating allowed at the tables, but there is a cafeteria literally right below the room.

As of 2018, Borgata now offers a sportsbook as well, when New Jersey sports betting became legal. Players at Borgata can be on sporting events either at the actual casino in AC itself or using the app that MGM (the parent company of MGM) runs, which is called playMGM. Sports betting being added to the casino and state of NJ itself has certainly helped the action in the poker room itself.


There are many restaurants throughout the casino and hotel area in the Borgata. If you would like something faster, there is a food court adjacent and below the poker room. In the cafeteria there are multiple restaurants that offer everything from pizza, salads, cheesesteaks, burgers, ice cream, Chinese food and more. There are no shortage of dining options to choose from, whether you want to sit down or get something quick. The prices are in line with any casino, though you might as well grab a drink from a waitress upstairs before you go down to eat.


There are many different places to stay in Atlantic City if you would like to play at Borgata. The most convenient and obvious option is to stay at Borgata’s hotel. The only drawback to this is that it is the most expensive hotel in the city on most nights and is even filled to capacity on many weekends in the summer and on holidays. If you play a lot of poker, call and ask about the poker room rate.

If you have played at Borgata poker room before and used your players card for comps, your rated play will likely earn you discounts on room rates and possibly even totally free rooms. Check your Borgata Rewards account online or call the hotel to find out what discounts or offers are available to you.

Borgata Facts


One Borgata Way
Atlantic City, NJ


Games Spread:

No Limit Texas Hold’em

-$1/$2, $2/$5, $5/10, $10/25, $25/50 and higher

Limit Teas Hold’em

-$2/$4, $3/6, $10/$20, $20/$40

Pot Limit Omaha

-$1/$2 and various bigger games

Number of Tables: 80

Year Opened: 2003


$4 at games under $2/$5 NLHE +$1 for BBJ per hand
Timed $5 per half hour at games over $2/$5 NLHE +$1 for BBJ per hand

Bad Beat Jackpot:

Yes, both minor and major
Major is quad 8s losing
Minor is any quads 7s or lower losing

Other Promotions: Frequent, always changing

Tournaments: Yes

Alcohol: Yes

Minimum Age: 21

Seats Per Table: 10