Harrah’s Atlantic City Poker Room

Harrah’s Poker Room in Atlantic City is the second most popular room in the entire home, trailing only Borgata’s poker room in size and popularity. If you are staying at Harrah’s, you will not need to travel to any other casino if you want to play poker. The only real lacking element of this room is the void of higher limit games. At peak times, this room will be just as good if not better than any other destination in AC.

As one of the oldest poker rooms in Atlantic City (it was opened in 1993), Harrah’s has built up a sound reputation over the years. This room has actually surpassed even Taj Mahal in terms of volume and number of games running on most days, something that most would have never even considered possible just a few years. Being located right next to Borgata and away from the boardwalk has proven to be a benefit to this room.

Floor Guys, Managers, and Dealers

It would be fair to say that the floor guys and dealers at Harrah’s AC are among the most enjoyable and pleasant of any in the country. They are very personable but also maintain a serious atmosphere, ensuring that players both have fun and are playing in a fairly regulated room. 

Since the room is not very sizable, you will likely run into the same dealers over and over again. Where this could certainly be seen as detrimental at a poor poker room, this is not the case at Harrah’s. You will look forward to each new dealer as you can all but guarantee that they are competent and will provide a pleasant experience.

The floor guys also set themselves apart, at least for the most part. There are a handful of guys that are not the most enthusiastic about their job, but you will inevitably run into that at just about every casino anywhere. Most of the floor guys at Harrah’s are happy to be working there and will do their best to help you out.

Popular Games and Limits

Harrah’s is a room that is in line with every other mid stakes room in the area. Expect to find $1/$2 NLHE tables running 24/7, $2/$5 running for at least half of the day, and $5/$10 running on occasion. There are some PLO and other mixed games that do get running from time to time. While this is not the place for high limit action, it is more than suitable for just about any $1/$2 player.

Harrah’s will accommodate you if you should want to get a list started for a game that is not already running. The personal support that you will receive is far beyond what you will get from most rooms, so if you and a few others want to start a game of Stud or anything else, just let the floor know and they will get it on the board.

Tournaments and Sit n Gos

The tournaments at Harrah’s are both a bright and a weak spot at the same hand. On one hand, there are daily events that run with rather weak attendance. On the other hand, however, there are WSOP Circuit events that also run during the year, making this resort a premier choice for tournament play on the East Coast. The World Series of Poker events are usually run towards the end of the year during the winter months. Most of the tournaments are run in an upstairs room that has more room, but the action and player pool definitely filters over into the main poker room.

There are usually two daily tournaments that run at all times. The schedule for these events is ever changing, but the buy-ins are usually in the $50-$150 range. Because of the volatile nature of these events, your best bet for accurate information regarding the current schedule is to call the room or visit the link below for more details.

Sit n Gos are not going to run all that often. The most likely scenario in which a SnG will get started is if you and a number of others are already ready to play. If you start a list for a Sit and Go, be prepared to wait awhile before it actually begins. Again, during WSOP events, these will be much easier to get started.

Player Rewards

The Total Rewards program is headquarted at Harrah’s, so it should come as no surprise that they also use this card here. The comps at Harrah’s AC are currently $2/hour. The only note that should be made here is that sometimes certain games will pay slightly more or less than this rate. If you are unsure of how much you are earning per hour, simply ask a floor person and they will be able to provide the most up to date rates.

Comp dollars for your play at Harrah’s can be used for rooms, at restaurants, in stores and for a number of other items that are for sale in the casino. In addition to your comps, active poker players should expect to be offered a number of free rooms, especially in non-Summer months.

Bad Beat Jackpot and Other Promotions

The Bad Beat Jackpot at Harrah’s properties in Atlantic City is one of the most attractive promotions in the town. One of the most appealing and unique aspects of this BBJ is the fact that you will have an easier chance at hitting it. What is meant by this is that the prize pool in the jackpot is split among all Harrah’s casinos when it is hit. Every player that is playing when the BBJ is hit will get a cut of the BBJ, whether they are playing at Bally’s, Caesars (now closed), Harrah’s or Showboat (now closed).

Promotions at Harrah’s are most definitely active. Though they are changing from month to month and even week to week, you would be hard pressed to find a time where there is not some sort of special event going on in order to help draw in some players.

Atmosphere and Features

Harrah’s poker room has a pretty standard and average feel to it. It has a door that walks right out to the water, is located next to the racebook, and is just a few steps away from the elevators to the Harbor Tower in the hotel.

The room itself has a number of TVs that are scattered throughout the room. The chairs and tables offer little to complain about. They are not the most phenomenal tables that have ever been created, but they are more than ample. The chips and cards are all of very high quality and you will not find many, if any players complaining about the amenities in this room. It is worth mentioning that Harrah’s also offers a free continental breakfast to their early morning poker players, with the food being brought out to the floor around 7:30am each day.


There are a number of places to eat at within Harrah’s Atlantic City. The closest place is Bill’s Burgers, located just a short walk from the poker room. In addition to Bill’s, there is a cafe located near the pool on the opposite side of the casino. Both of these are open close to 24 hours per day. There are also a number of sit down type restaurants both downstairs and upstairs in the casino. All things considered, there are plenty of options at Harrah’s when it comes to places to eat.


If you are unfamiliar with the area, all casinos in Atlantic City are required to also maintain a hotel with many, many rooms. Needless to say, Harrah’s is one of the biggest hotels in the entire city. As a poker player, you will most likely be entitled to either free rooms, discounted rooms, or both. Check your online Total Rewards account for more information on what is being offered to you.

Should you want to stay closer to the water, there are a number of other hotels located throughout the town. Depending on the time of the year, rooms at any Harrah’s casino can be purchased for a very fair rate. In the Summer months, expect rates to spike quite a bit. Always give the poker room a call and ask about the poker room rate if you are unable to obtain a discount otherwise. They will require a few hours of play per day, but this rate will save you a lot of money on your stay.

Harrah’s Atlantic City Facts

777 Harrah’s Boulevard
Atlantic City, NJ

Website: http://www.harrahs.com

Games Spread:

No Limit Texas Hold’em

-$1/$2, $2/$5, $5/10

Limit Teas Hold’em

-$2/$4, $3/$6, $4/$8 and higher

Pot Limit Omaha

-$1/$2 and various bigger games

Number of Tables: 40

Year Opened: 1993

Rake: $4+$1 for BBJ

Bad Beat Jackpot: Yes

Other Promotions: Frequent, always changing

Tournaments: Yes

Alcohol: Yes

Minimum Age: 21

Seats Per Table: 10