Saloon No.10

Saloon No.10 is the oldest poker room in Deadwood. It offers two tables. It was once as large as five tables, however, the decline of poker in Deadwood has affected the Saloon No.10 more than other poker rooms.

Saloon No.10 was the site of the shooting of Wild Bill Hickok. This occurred in its old location. The casino still has the chair he was sitting in when he was killed. It is among the many historical items on display at Saloon No.10.

Floormen, Managers, and Dealers

The dealers all fill in the role of floormen and managers at one time or another. The small poker room tends to offer just two or three employees at any given time. All are extremely experienced. There is really never a need for a floor ruling. Most of the errors are due to drunken players making mistakes that are easily resolved. These players help make the games great.

Popular Games and Limits

The main game at Saloon No.10 is Spread Limit Texas Hold’em. The typical limit is 2-10. If a second table is created, it will be 2-10 with a $20 cap on the river. This prevents having to create a must move game. Players may find 2-100 on Friday and Saturday nights. The games at Saloon No.10 are the best in Deadwood and rival the loosest games in the country.

There are two special games each week that are unique to Saloon No.10. There is a 2-10 Seven Card Stud High/Low on Tuesday nights. The game typically starts around 5pm. The bringin is $1 in this game and the low card must complete to $2 to see fourth street. There is also an option to raise in this position.

A Dealer’s Choice game is spread on Thursday nights. It also starts around 5pm. This game consists of Omaha, Omaha High/Low, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Razz, Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple High/Low, and a game called Super 8, which may be played high or high/low.

Super 8 is played like Texas Hold’em except that players are dealt three cards and may use any combination of the five-card board and their three down cards to make the best five-card hand. The limits for this game are 2-10. The player to the left of the dealer button posts a $2 blind, regardless of whether the game is a flop or stud game.


There is a No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament every Tuesday-Sunday at 10:30am. It has a $6 buyin with a $3 dealer chip. There are $10 rebuys. This is a small tournament that does not always get off the ground.

Player Rewards

Players receive $1 per hour in comps. These may be redeemed for premium alcohol, food from the Deadwood Social Club or Saloon No.10 merchandise.


Saloon No.10 rakes 10% up to $4. Unlike other rooms, it rakes down the quarter on smaller pots.

Jackpots and Other Promotions

Saloon No. 10 offers jackpots for Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud High/Low. There is a bad beat jackpot that hits when a player makes aces full of 10’s or better and loses in Texas Hold’em using two hole cards. The bad beat jackpot qualification is four deuces in Omaha and Seven Card Stud High/Low.

The Seven Card Stud High/Low jackpot is split 50/50 with a low bad beat. A player that makes 6432A and loses to a wheel wins half of the bad beat jackpot.

There are two bonus hands in Texas Hold’em that win a percentage of the jackpot. A player making four tens with a pocket pair wins 10% of the jackpot. A player making it with just one 10 in the hole will take down 5% of the jackpot.

A player that makes the Dead Man’s Hand wins 25% of the bad beat jackpot. This hand consists of two black aces, two black 8’s, and the 9 of diamonds. This hand is very rare, having only hit a half dozen times in the 25-year history of the poker room. This was the exact hand that Wild Bill Hickok held when he was killed in Saloon No.10 in the 19th Century.

Atmosphere and Amenities

Saloon No.10 is a very basic, small poker room. It does not have automatic shufflers. The chairs are old and not very comfortable. The atmosphere is that of a Wild West saloon. There is sawdust on the floor and the attitude of many of the employees is that if you don’t like it then you can leave. That attitude fits the room well.

Everyone visiting Deadwood should drop by Saloon No.10. Players that do not enjoy poker should drop by for a drink or to play Three Card Poker or Single Deck Blackjack. Non-gamblers will at least want to check out the historical items throughout Saloon No.10.


Players may have free hot dogs and popcorn. Comps may be redeemed for food from the restaurant upstairs, which is delivered directly to the table.


Saloon No.10 does not have a hotel.

Personal Opinion

Saloon No.10 is the most unique poker room in Deadwood and maybe all of the country. It gives players the feel of playing in the gold mining days of Deadwood nearly 150 years ago. Saloon No.10 offers the lowest rake in Deadwood at 10% up to $4. This is another reason to give it action.