Silverado is located on Main Street in downtown Deadwood. It is a sister property to the historic Franklin Hotel, which is located immediately across the street.
Silverado is a small casino that offers 16 table games and over 200 slots. The poker room is located towards the rear of the casino.

The Silverado is the largest poker room in Deadwood. It spreads five tables and includes a full bar. Drink service is exceptional. Poker players are offered a wide variety of bottled beer, wine, and liquor. There is also a buffet spread for players that include two hot selections, fruit, sandwiches, and munchies food.

Floormen, Managers, and Dealers

All of the dealers at Silverado are experienced. Each has years of dealing under their belt. They rotate floor positions, depending on the night. There are few poker rooms, even in major markets, that can compare to the experience at Silverado.

Popular Games and Limits

The main game at Silverado is 2-20 Spread Limit Texas Hold’em. There is a 2-100 Texas Hold’em game on Friday and Saturday nights. A 5/10 Omaha High/Low game is offered on Friday nights. A 4/8 Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em game may sometimes be found on Wednesday afternoons in the winter and on weekends during tourist season.


The Silverado offers three tournaments each week. All are No Limit Texas Hold’em.
At 3pm on Sundays, there is a $44 tournament with one $20 rebuy. There is a $22 tournament on Saturdays at 3pm with one reentry available. At 6:30pm on Thursday, there is an $88 tournament. All Silverado tournaments offer a $10 staff bonus that gives players additional chips.

The Thursday night tournament has a leaderboard. Every four weeks, the player with the highest points on the tournament leaderboard wins a $1,100 seat to the South Dakota State Poker Championship. The seat is transferable so players can continue to compete each month. The value of this seat is not removed from the Thursday tournament’s prize pool. It is fully funded by the house.

Player Rewards

Players earn $1.50 per hour before 6pm and $.50 per hour after 6pm. Rewards are paid in the form of free play. This may also be used towards the buffet, restaurant, hotel, and cigarette comps. Tournament buyins may also be purchased using comps.

Players that give 40 hours of cash game action in a month qualify for the Big Slick tier in the players club. This tier is kept permanently, regardless of future action. This card allows players to drink liquor off the top shelf, even when not playing in games. It also provides a line pass for the buffet and steakhouse.

Players that reach 40 hours of cash game action in a month receive two free buffet tickets, a free hotel night, and discount buyins to tournaments.

Players earn one ticket into a car key drawing for every two hours of poker played. Poker players also qualify for free slot tournaments that award free play.

Atmosphere and Amenities

The Silverado offers a classy poker experience. The tables are modern with automatic shufflers installed. The dealers are polite and the other players are typically pleasant to play with. Greeters open doors for players entering and leaving the casino. Cocktail servers are dressed in old-style uniforms that are pleasant on the eyes.

Players may buyin to cash games and tournaments in the poker room. Cash game chips must be redeemed at the main casino cashier cage. Tournament winnings are paid in the poker room.


Silverado rakes 10% up to $5. It also takes a jackpot drop of $1.

Texas Hold’em players have two bad beat jackpots to chase. One is a major jackpot that hits when a player loses four of a kind or better. Pocket pairs must be used in the quad hand.
Aces full of anything losing to a bigger hand triggers the minor jackpot. There are also high hand bonuses for four of a kind, straight flushes, and royal flushes. Players must use both cards to win a high hand jackpot. Four of a kind requires a pocket pair.

Special Events

The Silverado is home to the South Dakota State Poker Championship. This is a $1,100 event held every May. Satellites start the week before the event.


The poker room spreads hot and cold items to players. Typical hot food dishes include fried appetizers, hot dogs, sloppy joe’s, barbecue, and prime rib sandwiches. Cold items include sandwiches, cheese and fruit. Chips and pretzels are also served. The food spread is by far the best among Deadwood poker rooms.


Silverado does not have a hotel. Its sister property Franklin does. This hotel is more than 100 years old. It was once home to miners that founded the town of Deadwood. The rooms are certainly authentic. They offer high ceilings and dated bathrooms. The hotel is not for everybody, but it is certainly the most affordable in Deadwood.

General Opinion

The Silverado is the best place to play poker in Deadwood. The dealers make few mistakes and the room is generally pleasant. The flow of the games is the best you will find anywhere. The free food for players is an added bonus.