The Lodge at Deadwood

The Lodge at Deadwood sits atop a hill overlooking the north end of Deadwood. It is just below Mt. Roosevelt. The entrance is narrow and steep, making it difficult to access during some snow storms. This hill was so problematic that the Deadwood Trolley system had to purchase new equipment to service the Lodge at Deadwood.

The property is completely isolated from the all other Deadwood casinos. This works for and against it. Guests that do not find the game that they want cannot walk to a different casino. They must drive and find parking on Main Street or take the Deadwood Trolley.

Floormen, Managers, and Dealers

To be brutally honest, the employees in the poker room at The Lodge at Deadwood are among the worst I have ever experienced in the poker world. For example, several members of the staff are rejects from other casinos. For example, one dealer was known to flash burn cards at a previous casino. There have been countless complaints about collusion in games at the room from locals.

The tournaments have their own issues. The house doubles the buyin for three tournaments each week. Players have been known to make deals as part of a team and split winnings. This is done by rebuying into the tournament as many times as is needed to bust other players. This heavily favors local players in a way that no poker room in any market has ever seen.

No tournament in the world should double the prize pool due to these issues. The poker room management should know better, but they don’t. It has been open since 2010, yet has been unable to grasp the basics of poker room operations. The issues at this poker room are so well known that the story was carried by the Associated Press.

The Lodge at Deadwood has been known to spread major events that give seats away to regular players. One such event, as reported by a participant, gave seats to more than 100 local players for giving action to the room in the month before the event.

The casino entered these players into the tournament, but did not put up the buyin. This is unheard at serious poker rooms.
A poker room that gives seats away to a tournament puts up the cash for the players and places it in the prize pool. That is not the case for certain events at The Lodge at Deadwood. All of these dubious tactics give The Lodge at Deadwood the lowest grade of any poker room in our book for this category.

Popular Games and Limits

The Lodge at Deadwood is the other poker room in town with five tables. Spread Limit Texas Hold’em games include 2-10, 2-100, 5-100, 5-500, 10-500, and 10-1,000. The Lodge at Deadwood offers the highest limit games in the city. The $2 minimum bet games have blinds of $1 and $2. The $5 games have $2 and $5 blinds, while the $10 game requires $5 and $10 blinds. There is also a 4/8 fixed limit game on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.


There is a tournament each day at The Lodge at Deadwood. Each tournament is No Limit Texas Hold’em. The house takes a 10% fee from all buyins and rebuys.

Sunday 2pm: $111 Deep Stack – Last Sunday of month is $221
Monday 6:30pm: $12 with rebuys
Tuesday 6:30pm: $23 with rebuys
Wednesday 6:30pm: $45 where the house matches buyins and unlimited rebuys are available
Thursday 6:30pm: $34 with rebuys
Friday 6:30pm: $34 where the house matches buyins and unlimited rebuys are available
Saturday 1pm: $23 where the house matches buyins and unlimited rebuys are available

The money added tournaments require players to earn 250 points in the previous 30 days to enter. This is done through $250 in slot or video poker wagering or by playing 2.5 hours in the poker room. Players that register for a Club 76 rewards card may also enter these events.

Player Rewards

Players earn $.10 per hour for cash game action. That rate is $.30 per hour on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. These points may be redeemed in increments of $1 at the Club 76 rewards center.

Jackpots and Other Promotions

In addition to the 10% up to $5 rake, the house takes $1 out of every cash game pot. That goes towards funding the buyin matches in the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday tournaments. There is also a bad beat jackpot that hits when a player loses aces full of tens or better. Both players must use both hole cards.

Atmosphere and Amenities

The Lodge at Deadwood offers the newest poker tables and seating in Deadwood. All tables offer automatic shufflers. The room routinely spreads a small buffet for poker players.


Players may choose to eat munchies off the buffet or dine at one of the two restaurants on the property. The Deadwood Grille is a high end steakhouse that also offers pasta and seafood dishes. Oggie’s Sports Bar and Emporium serves pizza and a variety of tavern food.


The Lodge at Deadwood offers a modern hotel on the premises. Rates start at $75 on weeknights and $149 on weekends. There is no poker rate for players.

Personal Opinion of the Lodge at Deadwood

The Lodge at Deadwood is not a place that we will ever play again. It has too many issues with poor management, dealers, and ridiculous tournament structures that invite team play. We also would not participate in any tournament series due to the fact that the casino does not put money into tournaments for locals that qualify through other methods.